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Interactive wallpaper for homes of the future

Posted: by February 11th, 2011
Interior decor for many home owners often gets boring very quickly. What if there was a way to keep things fresh, without the effort or expense of paint rollers or wallpaper? Well, advances in technology are soon to provide the answer. With millions of combinations of colours, changing your wall style will be a simple manner of flicking a few switches with this interactive wall concept. With each block of colour rotating¬†independently, and programmed via a central digital source, it won’t be long before we see this kind of freedom of expression in many homes.… Read the rest of this post »

Envisioning Interactions in the homes of the future

Posted: by June 3rd, 2010
In collaboration with¬†Intel Labs Seattle , during an intensive five week project, five student teams conducted an iterative user-centered design process to explore future applications for the projection of interfaces on any surface suitable for display and interaction in the home of the future.… Read the rest of this post »