Google to Remove Property Search Feature From Google Maps

Posted: by May 8th, 2010


We’ve just learned from a Google source that the company are planning on dropping property searches for Google maps on the 10th of February worldwide.
As we were one of the data providers chosen to provide data to the search giant back in June, we are obviously a little disappointed that this decision has been reached; however, on the whole, we experienced minimal traffic from maps over the course of its short 8 month lifespan.

Google had tried a number of strategies to promote the service including running Google ads (see below), none of which pushed any significant traffic, or increased uptake.


It seems that property searchers definitely still prefer to use organic listings whilst searching, a pattern that we too have experienced through user testing over the years. Official information to be released by Google within the hour, we’ll keep you posted and update as we hear more information.

Update. Google’s official statement on the Google Lat Long Blog.


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